Useful Links

Some other websites and blogs on themes related to the project:

The Spinning Project – John Styles’ project on the history of hand spinning in England between 1400 and 1800.

Gender and Work in Early Modern Europe – a collaborative blog for researchers interested in all aspects of men’s and women’s work in early modern Europe.

Gender and Work in Early Modern Sweden – the website of the Gender and Work Project, based at Uppsala University, which is aimed at recovering and interpreting information about gender and work in Early Modern Sweden from a wide variety of legal and other manuscript sources. Their database is available online through this website.

Everyday Life and Fatal Hazard in 16th Century England – the website of Steve Gunn’s ESRC project investigating accidental death in Tudor England using coroners’ reports.

Producing Change: Gender and Work in Early Modern Europe – the website of the Leverhulme International Network on ‘Producing Change: Gender and Work in Early Modern Europe’ which brings together partners from the Universities of Barcelona, Cambridge, Glasgow, Leiden, Rouen and Uppsala. The website contains information about their forthcoming events, and in time will become a major repository of resources for the study of gender and work.

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